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How to Write an Informative Essay: A Step by Step Guide


Everyone doesn’t know how to write an informative essay from the very first attempt. If you have never written one, you can write it well by following the steps given in this article. However, you need to have enough knowledge and expertise for writing an informative essay. 

Since the intent of an informative essay is to educate the readers, you need to have sound knowledge about the subject. Apart from the subject matter, you need enough practice to improve your writing skills and write compelling essays. 

Comprehensive Guide on How to Write an Informative Essay

To write an informative essay, you need to understand different elements and the structure. I have made the whole process simpler by dividing the whole essay into three stages. 

Even if you don’t know how to write an essay, but you have good knowledge or a strong interest in a particular subject, these steps will help you do the job. 

  • Research Phase
  • Preparing the Outline
  • Writing, Editing, and Formatting

Every stage consists of several processes, and you need to understand the importance of them. So, read thoroughly every detail before you start writing an informative essay. 

Research Phase

Before you start wiring, it’s essential to know a few essential things like choosing a topic, understanding your audience, etc. The research phase will help you do that, and it has four fundamental processes, and they are as follows: 

1. Understanding Your Audience and Assignment

First of all, it’s important to understand what your audience is looking for? Based on their expectation, you can get an idea of what you should research. If you can write an informative essay as close to the essay’s intention, you can write a compelling essay. Make sure you go through the assignment thoroughly to understand the requirement. 

2. Choosing a Topic and Doing Research

If you have to choose a topic, it’s not always an easy task. Make sure that you don’t choose a too broad or narrow topic. Once you go through the prompt, try to find topics around the readers’ interest. However, you don’t need to worry if you have given a topic for the essay. 

After deciding the topic, you need to conduct your research. When you are writing an informative essay, ensure that you refer to reliable sources such as academic journals, proven resources, government websites for statistical data, etc. 

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3. Taking Notes 


Take notes while you are doing research; it will help you to highlight key ideas that are useful for the essay. Take a sheet of paper or open a word processor on your laptop or computer and jot down the key ideas, concepts, useful data, and real examples.  

4. Brainstorming Ideas and Organizing Your Data

After that, you need to brainstorm different ideas and select a few of them that you think you will include in the essay. After that, organize your data in the way that you want to write the essay. Don’t forget to include the name of the author, websites, publisher to cite your resources.

Preparing the Outline

After researching, you need to prepare an outline that will act as a roadmap for writing an informative essay. Most of the essays include these three elements; the thesis statement, solid evidence, and summary. 

1. Plan a Thesis Statement

First of all, you need to plan for a thesis statement that will your essay’s central idea. You may not be able to write a perfect thesis statement at the first go; you can highlight the main points and write it later. Many people also write the thesis statement after they complete the whole essay. 

2. Solid Evidence in Body Paragraph

The body paragraph should contain the main idea with solid examples from your research. Breakdown the body into multiple paragraphs depending on the length of the essay. If you are writing a long format essay or choose a complicated topic, you can divide the whole body into five to six paragraphs. 

3. Include Real Examples

When you provide real examples, it makes your reader easier to understand. So, you should research examples for each idea that you mention in the essay. If you don’t find many details, consider changing the topic because an essay without examples is not informative. 

4. Summarizing 

Lastly, you need to summarize your essay by reiterating the thesis statement. You shouldn’t copy the whole introduction in your concluding paragraph. Share your opinion about the topic and make it interesting.

Writing, Editing, and Formatting

1. Writing:

Once you prepare your outline, you need to start writing your first draft without worrying about spelling, grammar, and other mistakes. You just logically convey your ideas and complete the entire essay. 

Provide a topic sentence in each paragraph that conveys the main idea. Don’t add multiple arguments into a single section. It can make the whole paragraph hard to follow. Provide relevant examples to support your claim. 

2. Editing:


After writing your first draft, you need to edit it. The following questions will help you edit your essay: 

  • Does your thesis statement provide clear meaning?
  • Are the body paragraphs in proper structure?
  • Is your language clear and easy to comprehend?
  • Is it interesting to read?

You can ask a few other questions to check if the essay provides valuable information on the topic you have chosen. Also, you need to ensure whether the writing is coherent and sounds logical. Next, you need to proofread and check any grammatical mistakes, misspelled words, etc. 

3. Formatting:

Lastly, you need to ensure that your essay is in a proper format. It should look clean and concise to the eyes of the reader. So, formatting is also an important aspect of essay writing. 

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Final Thoughts on Informative Essay

I hope you have learned different elements and how to write an informative essay in simple steps. If you have never written an informative essay, it may not be easier for you at the first attempt to write a perfect one. You can improve your writing with practice, but you must have the proper knowledge or deep interest in your writing topic. 


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