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What Is The Difference Between This And These?

by Abdul Aziz Mondal

Well-acquainted with the English vocabulary, then you know that the two words “This” and “These” are singular and plural versions of each other. Both words are what we call in the English language “countable nouns.”

For those who have no idea about what countable nouns are then, it is quite simple, a countable noun that has a plural version, like boys, girls, cars, buses, and books. For non-countable nouns, they don’t have any plural versions to them. 

Let’s scroll down to know a bit more about this and these differences. 

Difference Between This And These

The words “This and These” are the most frequently used words in the English language. They are used to describe a lot of things from people around and things around them as well. 

But the main difference comes from the way you are using these two words. If you are referring to something singular, then you will use “This”, whereas when you are referring to something plural, then use “These.”

Another significance of these words is that they can be used in various ways, such as adverbs, pronouns, and even adjectives. 

Meaning Of This And These & Its Usage

Now that we know what the phrases can be put to use in the English language in various different forms like adjectives, pronouns, and adverbs, let’s see how you will use them.  

this and these
  • Adjective
  1. As an adjective, you use the words to describe a specific person or a thing that is near or even close by. 

“I knew that this man was a fraud as soon as I saw him.”

“I don’t agree with this theory.”

“These cupcakes are delicious.”

  1. The words are an adjective when they refer to a thing nearest to them or even when talking about two different things that are close. 

“These bags look great.”

“I think this shop has more fashionable dresses than that shop.”

“What do you want, this one or that one?”

  1. The words “This and these” can also be used to indicate a specific time or date.

“I haven’t left my house this morning.”

“How are you feeling this morning?”

“We are planning a trip these days.” 

  • Pronoun
  1. Just like how this and these can be used as pronouns in different ways, they are differently used as pronouns as well. It can be used to indicate a particular person or something that is close by. 

“Is this yours?”  to  “Are these yours?”

“This is my book”  to  “These are my books.”

“Go and keep this in your room”  to  “Go and keep these in your room.”

  1. When you are referring to a particular thing.

“They constructed a house in Ooty; this was to be their holiday house.”

“She made a special dish for him. This made her late.”

“It is said that moderate drinking has health benefits, but these are not nearly as great as they are made out to be.”

  1. When you are introducing something or someone.

“These are my friends.”

“This is my home.”

“This is Adam, and that is Eve.”

  • Adverb

As an adverb, only the word This can be used, as here only the singular versions can be used. The word this is used here, along with an adverb or an adjective, to specify a certain extent or degree. 

“She is not used to this much attention.”

“I never thought that your house would be this huge.”

This And These Examples

Here are a few examples where we have used the words “This and These” in sentences.

“These books belong to the public library.”

“This glass is broken.”

“This bed has been untidily made.”

“These cars will need to be serviced.”

“I would like to buy this cell phone.”

“This book is very interesting.”

“These glasses need to be washed.”

“None of these cell phones have the features that I am looking for.”

Wrapping Up!

Now that we know the difference between the words ‘This and These,’ hopefully, those who were having some confusion regarding the usage of these two words can use them properly. 

The only thing that you need to remember is that “This” is used when you are indicating something singular and “These” when you are indicating something plural. 

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