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The Do’s and Don’ts of Submitting an Application for Leave

by Anindita Dey

Let’s go back a few years and refresh our memory. Back in school, we were taught to write formal and informal letters. I’m not sure how algebra and differential calculus contribute to our daily life, but this is something that we need frequently.

Be it writing an application for leave in school for our child or a leave application for office, this is something we need often. As this is something so important, why don’t we get out memories refreshed? Let’s look at the basics of writing an application for leave.

The basic format

Sometimes we get some kind of emergency and need to attend to some important work or get sick and apply for sick leave. Leave application is an important part of our studies or job. We have to abide by some rules when writing an application for leave.

The basic format of application for leave

There are different kinds of letters, but this is the shortest as it is formal. So we must remember certain details before sending it to the manager or HR. The first thing that has to be kept in mind is that you need to fix a meeting with your supervisor and discuss the matter of your leave with him. This is a must whether it is a planned leave or an emergency.

The letter you are drafting should be on a formal note so that they are officially aware of your absence.

Contents of a leave application

Contents of a leave application
  • Put your name, address, employee code, and contact information.
  • The reason why you won’t be able to attend work should be well crafted inside the application.
  • If asked, provide them with official papers supporting your leave application.
  • It should include the course of action you have planned so that the work is done smoothly in your absence.
  • The date from which you will not be available at work.
  • The day you are joining back at work.
  • And the most important thing is an earnest request to your manager or HR, who you are addressing for approving the leave application.

Writing an application for leave

  • The application should be made in a very formal way with the proper reason.
  • The letter should be written in a very polite tone to convince the person to whom the letter has been addressed.
  • Be sure to assure them that you will keep your word and will be back after the day you leave ends.
  • Let your manager know that work will be smooth as you will be on leave and that you will make up for the lost time.
  • Thank them for taking time out to read your application and approving the leave.

The don’ts in a leave application 

The don’ts in a leave application
  • Double-check for punctuation errors and grammatical errors for writing the leave application.
  • It should never be written in a casual tone.
  • Do not use complex phrases and terms, and keep it simple.
  • The format should be easy to understand, and it should be to the point.

Steps for drafting the application for leave  

Steps for drafting the application for leave
  • Discussing the matter with your reporting manager and then writing the application is always better. It can be an application for sick leave or a leave application for marriage. Discuss, then send the application.
  • Keep a polite and thankful tone throughout the letter.
  • Be formal while writing the application.
  • Your words make a big difference. It should portray that you are requesting a leave.
  • Double-check your letter for any errors before sending it; there can be no mistakes as it has a formal format.
  • Include a thank you note before ending the letter.

The basic format for writing an application for leave is similar for office and school. For writing an application for the rest of the school, the parents generally drafted it by asking the principal for leave. And while writing an office application, it is the employee himself who addresses the application. But the overall format remains the same.

Let’s look at how an application for leave is drafted.


The Managing Director,

XYZ Company

244 Techspace Avenue

Employee Code: 2441139

              Subject: Application for leave

Dear Mr. Tribbiani,

I am writing this application to officially inform you about the leave I require for the next week. There is an emergency at home, and my presence is needed immediately. As discussed in the meeting yesterday, I would like to apply for leave from tomorrow, the 6th of May, and return to work on the 13th of May.

I must take this leave, but I will be available on my phone (phone number:564xxxxx89) and by e-mail (e-mail id: xyz@hotmail.com), so I can help as much as possible. I will also makeup for the lost time at work and ensure there is no problem because of my leave.

I will be highly obliged if you consider and approve my leave application. I am looking forward to your reply. Feel free to contact me if there is any questions, and I will clear them.

Yours sincerely,



This is the basic format for applying for a leave ahead of time. If you use it for immediate sick leave, the design will remain the same, while the matter will be slightly different. Then you have to let them know about your health condition, and if asked, you have to provide them with any kind of official document to prove your claim. You have to keep in mind that every school and company can have different policies for taking leave. While framing the application, those should be kept in mind and drafted accordingly. Ensure you are not violating those policies, and if necessary, then it should be discussed with your reporting manager and HR.

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