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How To Write An Essay On My Best Friend?

by Shahnawaz Alam

I pondered upon the relationship with my best friend a bit too much sometimes. No, that did not lead me to write something about him. It was the essay assignment I had to complete and submit to my English teacher. The topic was – “essay on my best friend” 

That was a long time ago. 

Writing an essay on your best friend is common for students. Most students have to write one at some point. So, if you are writing an essay on your best friend, then I can help. 

I can give you examples of some essays and be done with them. But, it is better that you learn to write yourself. This article will ensure you write a “my best friend essay in English” all by yourself.

What To Write In An Essay On My Best Friend?

When writing an essay on your best friend, it is possible to be scratching your head, thinking – where do I start? Here are some steps guiding you to writing an essay on your best friend. 

Introduce Your Friend And The Friendship To The Reader

Introduce Your Friend And The Friendship To The Reader

When writing an ‘essay on my best friend,’ you should start with what friendship is and what it means to you. If you ask for my suggestion, I will go like this –

Friendship is what makes life worth living. It is a pact with so many things unsaid yet taken to heart. A good friendship brings many expectations but does not take anything for granted. A true friend is someone you love to do simple things with and be happy with. 

True friends do simple things like sharing lunch, trading seats, or spending the summer together. Simple things are just the start; as time moves forward, they become more and more involved in each other’s lives, staying with each other through the happiest of moments and saddest of events.

I was lucky to meet Rony, my best friend. He and I became friends during elementary school. Our small start became a lifelong relationship that we cherish.”

You can start with a similar approach and write an essay on my best friend (technically your best friend). First, write something about friendship leading it to the person who is your best friend. 

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How You Met Your Best Friend?

How You Met Your Best Friend?

Now that you are done explaining who your best friend is, try explaining how you met them. It could be during a simple event. The event that introduced you to your best friend can be very simple or a special moment. 

Some people become friends with the new transfer student in their class who just joined during the midterms. Sometimes, the best friend can be someone from the neighborhood – someone you spend your afternoon time with. Here is a typical example –

“Rony is my best friend. We met during elementary school and were in the same school for the rest of our academic life. We met on the first day at school. At first, we did not talk much because both of us were shy. But slowly, both Rony and I became friends; in fact, best friends.”

What Brings You And Your Best Friend Closer?

What Brings You And Your Best Friend Closer?

It is possible for you and your best friend to have common interests and similarities. Sometimes, you might even have a friendly rivalry. Here are some areas that most people use when writing an essay on my best friend –

  • After I met Rony, it did not take us much time to become best friends. Even the class teacher could see us. He was good at English, and I was good in Maths. We helped each other study and improved the areas we needed to improve in. It sparked a friendly rivalry sometimes. But we always choose to be friends than rivals. 
  • Not just academics; we were also partnering in the field. We used to play on the same football team. When playing cricket, Rony and I used to bat together. Even we won a school football tournament which I captained and Rony came out as the man of the match. 
  • We share common areas of interest. As kids, My best friend Rony and I used to watch the same cartoons. We loved watching Rick & Morty and Phineas & Ferb together. We also loved the same type of movies. I enjoyed Jurassic Park while the old Star Wars movies were Rony’s favorite. 
  • What brought Rony and me together as best friends was very simple. He used to show his concern for me. He even helped me when my father had a bike accident. He used to come to the hospital with me and visit my father. I used to stand up for him when other students used to bully him in school. This made us realize that friendship is a very human thing; something away from common interests, differences, or rivalry. It is a positive human nature. 

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Why Do You Need A Best Friend?

Why Do You Need A Best Friend?

As said earlier, a true friend makes life worth living. They add the same value to your life that you add to theirs. They recognize you as a person and make you a part of something dear. One can truly be themselves around their friends. Friendship is a pact of comfort, originality, and mutual respect. The joy friendship brings to life is equal to nothing; hence a best friend is precious to have. 

What Makes A Best Friend, A Best Friend?

What Makes A Best Friend, A Best Friend?

Friends are people you can spend the moments of fun and ecstasy with. But a best friend is the one you remember in the most critical situation. 

I remember talking to Rony about my report card in the 8th grade. My annual report was pathetic, and I was ashamed to show it to my parents. He helped me pick up courage and come forward. When I did well in my studies the next year, Rony was there to cheer for me. 

A best friend congratulates you on your success and motivates you during your failure. They will be there for you if you need them at 3:00 a.m. A best friend would sometimes share their favorite pair of shoes with you. You can tell them apart from your other acquaintances.

A best friend is often like the only white rose in a bokeh or roses; or the favorite candy inside a box full of chocolates. A best friend may sometimes have a different perspective on things than you. But they will help you widen your viewpoint on life. This bond goes gradually and grows strong as you move forward in life. 

In time, a best friend becomes an extension of our family.

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Final Advice

It would be best if you took your own approach to writing an essay on my best friend. But, if you need suggestions, you can touch on the points explained in this article. You can start by introducing your friend, leading to what they mean in your life. Here is a summary of the points you need to cover –

  • First, introduce your best friend to the reader and write about friendship. 
  • Next, explain how you met your best friend. 
  • Explain why you need a best friend. 
  • Then, write about things that bring you closer as best friends. 
  • Write about the qualities of best friends next. 
  • Finally, you are ready to conclude. 

You might want to write an essay 20 lines on my best friend, or an essay on my best friend in 500 words. Depending on your limit, you can touch on these points while maintaining your word limits.

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