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How To Write An Argumentative Essay – A Step By Step Guide

by Lucia Patterson

Essay writings are a bit tougher than creative writing as here you need to have more knowledge on the particular topic. But you don’t need to worry. If you learn how to write an argumentative essay, you will get the ultimate success in writing. 

But first, you can make a general survey on the specific topic on which you will start writing. So, start your job not by wasting time. Generally, the essay consists of 2000 words that look a bit longer than other forms of writing. If you type the report on the desktop, it will be easy to count words. Otherwise, you trust the words line by line. 

Points to be Noted

Before going directly to write the essay, get some points that will be best for you to get the original idea. At the very first, you have reached the opinion about the topic, if you know then look forward to the sources.

  • Gather Points

First, you gather points on the specific topic on which you will start writing. First, search on the internet to know about the concept and what the reader wants from you. After gaining the knowledge, take a note and make them that you will mention in writing.

1. Exemplification

An example in an essay is most important that you have to follow. And when the topic is argumentative, you have to find news that perfectly matches the exact content. So, take almost five to eight points that you will put on the writing. It will enrich your writing.

2. Proficient Language

When you write the essay in a particular language, you will need to be smooth and easy to recognize. Whatever you will write in the essay needs to be skillful and will never have errors. Be careful about the language of writing. The writing style also sometimes matters in the case of an argumentative essay. So you have to learn how to write an argumentative essay. 

3. Argumentative Notes

When the writing is argumentative, you have to follow the path. You need to make arguments in writing. That is why research about the cross-connection content will help you create a statement is one of the significant points of argumentative essays. So, follow this as well.

How To Write The Argumentative Essay 

As it is said beforehand, the essay must have consisted of enough knowledge and cross-questions. It is how you will configure the whole structure of the poem. If you correctly create the entire chunk, this paper may look like a genuine sense of society. 

There are lots of things in the world that can be the topic for your writing. And there must be the opposite statement that will help your content to grow. So, now, let’s move forward, how to write an argumentative essay.

1. Introduction

The introduction of an essay indicates the different pieces of information you will give the readers. That is why you have to write with your great hand. Don’t spoil the beginning of the essay. At first, the reader will read the introduction.

Therefore they need to be interested to read your essay. In the introduction, give a brief of the content that you will place on the writing. Sometimes, people skip the most exciting part to mention in the introduction. You don’t do that, and you must write the opening carefully. 

2. Controversy

In argumentative writing, you must have to create controversy. By reading that, people will get confused about the base of the content. A good essay writer always puts controversially enough in their writings that readers love. 

After the introduction, you directly have to go to the controversy slowly. Don’t now move to the controversy without giving perfect knowledge to readers. First, spend some words on the base points you want to tell the readers and then switch to the central part.

The main motive has to make the people puzzled about what is right and what is not. In that way, you can reach your readers quickly.

3. Explore Language

When you start writing the essay, you will see after a specific time, It will naturally come to your mind. Therefore, in that way, you will be able to explore the efficiency of language. Use amicable terms and phrases that will look nice to pronounce. 

The professional writer says that the language of writing an essay is very relevant. You have to get the reality in the easiest ways. And another thing is, you have to use sarcasm in your sentences. You can indirectly criticize society, other things. 

4. Examples

The writing must have enough examples that will mark your writing compelling. Then, when the readers see that you have used many models of society, finance, economy, history or anything, people will think you are very knowledgeable.

That is why you have to use various examples that are related to your topic.

5. Quotation

If you are interested to know how to write an argumentative essay, you have to use several quotes in the paper. This quote can be of a researcher or a famous person. Whatever will be written in the section, you have to relate this with your writing. Write a few words for that quote if you support it or not. It is a part of the attraction. Use five to six passages in writing.

6. Conclusion 

In the last part, you have to conclude the essay with a segment. Make two paragraphs for writing the conclusion. In this portion, you have to come to a statement that you feel or want people to think about. The determination of an essay or any writing is significant.

Don’t forget to make the conclusion proficient. Here also you have to provide specific points that the readers will expect from you. You also can give a social message to the readers.

The Concluding Words

Now we hope that you have gained enough knowledge about writing an argumentative essay. You don’t need to think now about how to write an argumentative essay. Just go forward to your initial work. Don’t forget to follow the points that you have to make before you start writing. First, gather ideas and then start.

In this way, you will get a lot of success from your argumentative essay writing. So, don’t wait; go and start working on the essay. 

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