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I Want to Become a Doctor Essay for Students In 2023

by subhasree nag

The profession of a person defines themselves. And to get to that, they are prepared ever since their childhood. Some parents decide what they want their children to be even before they are born, and some are asked what they want to be in their childhood. 

When you ask a child what they want to be, they will provide you with some fascinating answers. Some will come up with very realistic choices and will amaze you. Some might say they want to be a scientist, or an astronaut, whereas some will say they want to be the President of Mars. 

Similarly, there are a lot of factors that decide what a child wants to be; it could be their family background, like they could want to follow in the footsteps of their parents and family members, or they find their passion early in life and work for it, or there could be some special thought behind it. 

But if I am asked to write an essay on what I want to be, it could take a while. But if I am asked to write, “I want to become a doctor essay,” then the matter narrows down a lot. So let’s make it easy on them and help them a little. 

I want to become a doctor essay for class 1

I want to become a doctor when I grow up. My parents are doctors, and they are my heroes. 

I want to become a doctor essay for class 1

I want to become a doctor when I grow up. My parents are doctors, and they are my heroes.

The white apron they wear while helping others is something I really like. I would like to help people when I become an adult. They treat people and get them better. I want to help people too and treat them out of their illness.

I want to become a doctor essay for class 6

When I was a child, I wanted to become an astronaut, and then I thought of becoming a teacher but thought that I would decide over the years. But during this pandemic, I have got a firm answer and have decided to become a doctor. 

I want to become a doctor essay for class 6

We have heard before that doctors are the Gods on Earth. The Covid-19 pandemic proved that. While the whole World was on lockdown, they were the ones who worked immensely, without any fear, to get the world treated. They are the real superheroes we need in this world, and I want to join them when I grow up. 

Another reason why I wanted to become a doctor even before the pandemic hit the world is that I wanted to help the needy. It is not just about treating the people; it is about helping the ones who are in need of it. Everything aside, I come from a family of doctors, my parents, my grandparents, and every other person in my family. 

There are numerous people in the streets and villages as well who can’t afford to pay a lot for their own treatment and thus neglect themselves because of the monetary issues. There suffer from various ailments but lack the means to get medical treatment. This image has been haunting me, and this is another reason why I wanted to become a doctor. 

I want to carry the legacy forward that they have built over the years. Being a doctor means something to my family. My parents wanted me to e a doctor ever since I was a child, I gave it a thought, but I never took it seriously. I had never thought I would change my mind so quickly.

Also, it is not just about the good bits. Being a doctor comes with a lot of responsibilities. When you are treating a person, you are in charge f their life. This is a huge task, and you have to take it seriously. It means it can be the middle of the night when you have to come up to the hospital for a patient, leave your family behind or miss an important function to get to your patient on time. 

These are not easy to do; getting there in that position takes a lot of effort and dedication. But I am willing to do that because of the respect I have for the profession and the doctors. 

Wrapping up!

I think if I was personally asked to write an “I want to became a doctor essay,” these are the points that would have come to my mind as well. It is not an easy job, but medical science is still developing every day, and being a part of that constant change is exciting. 

The profession comes with a lot of challenges, as there might be a situation where you have to be in an ethical dilemma. These are the times when you have to handle the situations carefully, with compassion and sensibility.

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