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How To Start An Essay? – A Step By Step Guide

by Akram

I guess you are looking for tips on how to start an essay; that’s why you are here, right? Well, it doesn’t matter how much you know about a topic. It’s important to know the elements and stages of writing an essay. 

However, you may not write a good essay the first time, but you can review and edit your work to make it a compelling piece. So, if you want to learn how to start an essay, continue reading. 

Beginner’s Guide On Starting An Essay

Before you start writing an essay, it’s essential to know the purpose of writing an essay. If you know why you want to write an essay, you can plan it properly. 

Why Do You Want To Write An Essay?

Why Do You Want to Write an EssayUsually, there are four main reasons to write an essay, and the length, style, and tone of the essay depending on its objective.

  • Essay Assignment In School Or College: Do you want to write an essay because your tutor asked you to test your essay writing skills? Most students want to write an essay because it’s a part of the academic process to improve their skills. These essays are mainly intended to test your writing skills, knowledge, and grammar.  
  • Essay For Admission: Do you want to write an essay because you need to submit it in a school or university application process? Usually, these essays are intended to check your interest, intellectual ability, and career objectives. No need to mention, you need to have good writing skills and also make it error-free. An example of an essay for the admission process is: Essay Writing for MBA Admission.
  • Essay For Scholarship: Want to lower your college fees by submitting a compelling essay on a particular subject matter? It’s a special type of essay writing where you will get a scholarship that will help you achieve your career goals with a tuition fee waiver. Here also you need to show that you have 
  • Essay Competition: Will you participate in essay competitions and want to win the competition to get rewards? Schools, colleges, NGOs, and governments also conduct essay competitions for various purposes. So, when you want to participate in a contest, you need to know what they are looking for and write an essay accordingly. 
  • Self-Improvement: Finally, you can also write essays to improve your writing skills and intellectual ability. It’s totally in your control because you experiment with different essay writing styles to work on your skills and grow intellectually. 

So, before you know how to start an essay, be clear about why you want to write an essay. Next, you need to do some research to gather relevant information for writing an essay. 

Do Research From Authentic Sources

Do Research from Authentic SourcesOnce you are clear with your reason, you can start searching for relevant information from different sources. Ensure that you collect data that are authentic and valuable. Don’t just gather information randomly; ensure that they are relevant to your topic. 

Note down real examples related to your topic that will help you concrete your ideas and concepts. Remember, you need to research data based on the purpose of writing your essay. For example, if you want to write an essay for admission to an MBA School, you need research: 

Organize Your Research Data

After you gather data, analyze them and organize them properly. Organizing requires the analytical ability to compare which points you will include in your essay. Now you can start writing your essay, but make sure that you follow the steps below. 

Steps On How To Start An Essay

Steps to Start an EssayEven if you have relevant data, you need to present them in a proper format. No matter which type of essay you write for what purpose, you need to prepare an essay outline

Prepare An Outline

Every essay should contain three major parts, and they are; introduction, body, and conclusion. Read on to know more in detail about each section of an essay. 

Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph helps you to attract the reader’s attention. It should include a question or pose a problem to make the reader go on further reading. So, you should write a strong introduction sentence to capture your attention. 

Then you can give a quick overview of the essay so that the reader can relate to what’s the topic is all about. Next, you can start your body paragraph and use the data you have gathered. 

Body Paragraph

A body paragraph usually consists of two to three paragraphs. However, the length of the paragraph depends on the type of essay. For example, you may need to write only 300-600 words for admission essays while you have to write 2500-3000 words for an essay competition. When you are writing a long format essay, you need to divide the essay into more paragraphs. 

When you are writing the body paragraph of an essay, highlight the important points with headers. Back your data with real examples and facts and close the idea with your own opinion. When you are writing an essay for admission, you can mention your achievements with real events and what you want to work towards with specifications. 

Concluding Paragraph

After you provide all the essential information, you need to reiterate your thesis statement. Don’t just copy the same words that you have used in the introduction; try to give your opinion and tell the reader what you think about it. After you complete your draft, review it for checking errors and edit your work.  

Bonus Tips: Don’t forget to format your essay if you are writing it on a device instead of pen and paper. If you are writing with pen and paper, you need to be prepared beforehand and make an outline roughly before you start writing. 

Final Word On How To Start An Essay 

Now that you know how to start an essay using the tips to write a compelling essay. If you have any queries regarding essay writing or you need assistance, mention them in the comments section. Lastly, don’t hesitate to share why you want to write an essay and on which topic. 

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