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How To Write A Descriptive Essay Outline – 2021 Best Guide

by Lucia Patterson

A descriptive essay is probably the easiest to write amongst the four types of writing: argumentative, narrative, descriptive, and expository. If the prompt of your topic has the keyword ‘describe’ in it, you can be sure that you need to write a descriptive essay. 

A piece of descriptive writing includes sensory details, and the details are so vivid that it almost paints a picture in front of your eyes. It can invoke several emotions in the reader. That is why to write a proper descriptive essay; you must follow the descriptive essay outline. 

What Is A Descriptive Essay? Definition And Overview

A descriptive essay is a paper where the student describes a particular situation, object, person, emotion, and experience. It enables the student to write a piece of a specific occasion, and thus it heightens the creative thinking ability of the individual. Artistic liberty is guaranteed with a descriptive essay because you need to brainstorm before creating the perfect outline for this essay.

Choosing a vivid and sensory language is a crucial feature of descriptive writing because the motto is to paint a picture in front of the reader’s eyes. For example, you are given a descriptive essay on the topic of ‘describe your experience in your favorite hiking spot’. Be Now, you can’t just describe when you reached the place, what spots you covered, and what you enjoyed there. You have to be as detailed as possible and use all your sensory organs to describe how each thing felt, smelled, tasted, sounded, and looked while you were there. 

How To Write A Descriptive Essay Outline?

Before writing the descriptive essay outline, you must know that there are three sections in descriptive writing; the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. If you know what to include in each of these sections, you will learn how to elaborate on those sections when you write the paper. 

You will start with the introduction because even when preparing the descriptive essay outline, it is better to start with the opening statement. Write a simple brief where you will introduce the topic but be as creative as possible. Use attention-grabbing and thought-provoking language in the introduction to intrigue your readers. Use artistic and flowery language to make the reader hooked up on the introductory section to make an effort to read the rest of the paper. 

In the second part of the introduction, you will write a thesis statement. The easiest way to write the thesis statement will be to write a summary of the main points that will be present in the descriptive essay. Don’t write more than one or two sentences in the thesis and make it informative. 

In the main body section, make separate paragraphs for different ideas. Start with the main sentence summarizing that paragraph and then dive into its analysis. You will also provide supportive evidence in the sections of the main body. If you are just writing the descriptive essay outline, citing the sources is still essential there.

While writing the conclusion, paraphrase the thesis statement because that will highlight its significance. Summarize all the central ideas that you presented throughout the descriptive essay outline. Ensure the last line indicates that the essay has ended and the reader has learned something new from reading it. 

Importance Of Writing A Descriptive Essay Outline

Having a descriptive essay outline in place ensures that your paper is going to be organized and well-structured. It will ensure that you have a logical and sequential flow in your writing because the outline will already have all the essential points you should write in your descriptive essay. The descriptive essay outline will help you manage and plan your time because once the outline is ready, you can take a glance to see which information is already present and which are the ones you need to work on.

It does not matter how lengthy or short your paper is; a descriptive essay outline will always be helpful. Organizing the points in sequential order and which point needs more information, and which section is looking stuffy can be figured out through the outline. You won’t like it if you have to stop in between and check whether the points make sense when you write the descriptive essay. The descriptive essay outline is essential because it will ensure you are not missing out on crucial details in the paper.

Tricks To Write A Well-Organized Descriptive Essay

Follow the format of the essay and make sure it has three distinct sections. If you have the descriptive essay outline already in place, then writing the paper will not be tough. There are many clear templates given online that can let you know what to write precisely in which paragraph. So follow that, and you will be good to go.

Take your time to brainstorm because if you rush even while thinking about writing, there is no way your descriptive writing will attain a good score. Once you have the topic of the essay, make sure to find some associated keywords so that you can collect information from other sources based on those keywords. 

As mentioned earlier, use vivid and sensory language. I am repeating it because this is a crucial step in writing a descriptive essay. Also, make sure that your language is concise and your choice of vocabulary is succinct. It will make the paper more understandable, and the reader will have a more robust image set in his mind.

Connect with the reader by expressing a lot of emotion in descriptive writing. I won’t recommend you follow such elaborate details while preparing the descriptive essay outline, but these are a must while writing the essay. Also, try to leave a straightforward, lasting impression on the reader’s mind at the end of the paper.

Final Thoughts

It is equally important to focus on the descriptive essay outline as much essential it is to focus on the descriptive essay writing. Students often make the mistake of ignoring the outline because they consider it less important. However, many universities give points on the outline itself because the professors know how important it is. Therefore, direct all your focus and attention towards the descriptive essay outline if you want to write a well-structured descriptive essay. 

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