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How To Write A Synthesis Essay Outline – 2021 Best Guide

by Lucia Patterson

An essay outline is essential because if we develop the structure before writing an essay, we are thoroughly thorough with our research. Furthermore, you will achieve a logical and systematic flow in your essay while writing if you already have an outline prepared. 

If you are willing to prepare a quality essay, it is better to create a synthesis essay outline beforehand. So often, we tend to forget many important points while writing an essay, and that is where the outline comes to help because it contains all our thoughts and ensures that we do not miss out on those.

What Is A Synthesis Essay? Overview And Definition

A synthesis essay is a written paper where you gather essential data about a central topic from many sources to demonstrate a unique ideology. It has many similarities with the format of an argumentative essay. However, in the argumentative essay, we research an arguable idea and write it with an investigative tone. Still, in a synthesis essay, we focus on discussing the sources’ information and the writer’s viewpoint. 

A writer gets to share his thoughts, ideas, and perspectives about a trending topic in a synthesis essay. You need to coordinate the sources, prepare a thesis statement, format the paper correctly, and share your viewpoints as much as possible to write such an essay.

How To Prepare The Synthesis Essay Outline?

You must remember that creating a synthesis essay outline is essential because it will keep you on track when you write the essay. You need to analyze the topic first and don’t be nervous about it because once you break the subject into a few clutter, you will get to know the domain of that topic. 

Once you have figured out the domain of the topic, then start collecting information from several sources. Read those sources carefully and summarize the main points from those papers. Prepare the thesis statement after you digest the information and make it solid and informative. Once you prepare the thesis statement, you can start focusing on the main sections of the paper. 

You need to focus on three main sections, such as introduction, main body, and conclusion. The opening will have an intriguing and thought-provoking thesis statement so that people become interested in reading it. After that, you need to develop at least three body paragraphs. 

In each of those paragraphs, you will provide evidence that supports the topic and then offer your commentary to analyze the evidence. Finally, in the conclusion section, you will summarize the major points of the essay but don’t make the mistake of introducing any new idea there. 

When your essay outline is ready, then take another 30 minutes to draft the outline and review it. Ensure the commentaries are well-drafted because that is where you will provide a supportive analysis of the evidence. 

Check on your response in the body paragraphs because they need to reiterate the thesis statement. Another important thing here is to intext all the sources that you took information from. If you manage to cite sources against every piece of evidence, it will help you score higher. 

Why Is It Essential To Write A Synthesis Essay Outline?

A synthesis essay outline is essential because it can detail all the subtopics present in your paper. Thus, you will achieve a logical overview, and the essay outline will stimulate your thoughts and give you a new perspective about the subject. 

While writing a synthesis essay outline, you collect information from various sources and connect them with a common theme. This can help you convey your thoughts, and thus, your critical thinking, analytical thinking, and creative thing skills will enhance. 

If you don’t want your paper to divulge into a wide array of directions, you need to make sure that the synthesis essay outline is in place. You will get to know which sources are relevant for your essay topic and which ones are not. Thus, organizing the entire paper becomes a lot easier, and sequencing the information logically also becomes possible. 

How To Write A Synthesis Essay? Know The Steps

The first step in writing a good synthesis essay is to follow the synthesis essay outline, know the format, and know the paper’s tone. Since you cite information from many sources in a synthesis essay, you must document all the sources too.  Most of these assignments come with prior instructions about the referencing style, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago. So, follow that guideline for in-texting and referencing when you will cite the sources.

Identifying the prompt correctly is also essential while writing a synthesis essay. Because teachers and professors often prompt these topics in class and you need to find a passion from that prompt only if you want to write a well-qualified paper. The prompts also come with a marking rubric, and you must follow that thoroughly while writing each section of your essay. We will not recommend following the grading rubric while writing the synthesis essay outline, but you must not ignore it while writing the actual paper.

Ensure that your essay is divided into three proper sections and the main body has at least three paragraphs where you are providing evidence and analyzing the thesis statement. Also, work on your essay title carefully because if the paper’s title is creative and unique, it will intrigue the readers. Finally, when you are done with the essay, proofread it more than once to avoid grammatical and syntax errors

Final Thoughts

We would like to conclude that a synthesis essay outline is as crucial as writing the essay itself. You have to be completely attentive and give it your all while writing the outline because the better the outline, the better the paper. You cannot collect information from diverse sources, jot down the important ones and write the essay simultaneously. There is a high probability that your paper will end up being a disaster if you follow this pattern. That is why we recommend you prepare a synthesis essay outline before writing the essay because it will ensure you good marks. 

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