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Essay On Good Habits In English

by subhasree nag

A good habits essay is never outdated, but lately, wherever I look and hear, people are talking a lot about good habits. Whenever I look up the internet, a lot of searches about “topic on good habits,” “essay on good habits,” “paragraph on good habits,” and “good habits essay” are coming up.

So, here is my version of an essay on ‘good habits.’ Let’s begin this one by keeping in mind the kids who are often asked to write a few lines on good habits and then get on with it.

Good habits 10 lines essay for kids

Good habits 10 lines essay for kids
  1. Habit is something that tells a lot about a person.
  2. Good habits are important to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
  3. It helps you to be self-disciplined.
  4. Having a good habit gets you respected everywhere.
  5. It is not just about discipline; it keeps you healthy as well.
  6. Good habits keep you healthy both physically and mentally.
  7. It improves your quality of living as well.
  8. Maintaining good habits is important for the improvement of skills.
  9. It will build a separate bond within the family.
  10. Maintaining good habits will keep the environment healthy as well.

Five good habits  

If we get to define what good habits are, then we have to say the way you live your life and your moral conduct, the way you treat others, and how respectful you are towards them. Not just treating others well, but treating yourself ad your surroundings well also matters. Initially, we thought about putting together five good habits, but there are plenty of them, so let’s do one more and put together six of these.


A ‘good habits essay’ is incomplete if we do not mention reading. This is the first one that should be considered a good habit. I could write a long paragraph on importance of reading. This is the first one that person should develop. The habit of reading should be developed from their childhood. This is the best way of getting knowledge. This would enlighten you, direct you to the right path, and there is no better friend than a book.


Reading is not just a good habit or a hobby o just a way of passing the time; this develops your vocabulary and enhances your language skills, as well as your communication skills. Reading a book every night before going to bed is a very good habit that helps you grow and boosts your imagination as well. It is also considered to be a really good stress buster.

Maintaining a schedule

Making a schedule is the easy part, but maintaining it is the difficult part. Getting to follow the schedule is the most important part. Preparing the schedule is the first step. Start by waking up early, then, if possible, schedule an exercise session, then a meal to start the day, then go to school or work, and if you are a homemaker, do the household chores, and then the day follows.

Maintaining a schedule


This is a very good habit that should be developed from childhood. Maintaining time is something that builds character; this is the best habit that could get you upto that desired position in life. This is the habit that will help you succeed. This will create a good impression of yourself wherever you go and shows that you are interested in whatever task you are given.


Hard work

This is something that has no replacement. Hark work is the key to success, and we have known that since childhood. Keeping everything aside, the main goal should be to work hard and do the best you can in whichever field you prefer. This is something that should be taught since childhood. It should be taught in such a way that it should become a habit.

Hard work

People should care about what they like to do or love to do and work hard for it to achieve something. That doesn’t have to be studied all the time; if a child has some other interest, they should be allowed to work hard for that and sharpen their skills.



Learning to respect and value other people is necessary, irrespective of their age. This is something that would bring you love and respect in return. It doesn’t take much to be nice to people and treat them with the respect they deserve. Even if someone has ill-treated you, treat them with respect, and with time they will come along. But if you have been rude to someone or have disrespected someone, be assured to apologize for your mistake.



This is something that should begin from home. We need to develop habits that are good for our environment. We need to keep the place and our surroundings where we live clean. Using dustbins, using less plastic, and not littering a place are some small steps that could be the beginning. And the same habit should be continued at home as well. Children should be involved in the activities to get them into the habit of keeping things clean.

Importance of good habits  

There are a few advantages of developing good habits; they have their way of impacting our personal and social lives.

Importance of good habits
  • Good health – maintaining good habits like cleanliness can keep you well, and they can keep you out of the reach of diseases, and it is anyway good to maintain personal hygiene.
  • Social recognition – maintaining good habits also has a way of getting you a good reputation. Polite manners and having a tidy look get otters to respect you. This allows people to engage with you.
  • Makes you productive – Good habits improve the quality of life and add value to it. This improves your personal health and grows your self-esteem. Good habits give you the positive energy to work and for other activities as well.
  • Helps you succeed – good habits have several ways in which they help you succeed. People generally help you to get someone in life they see that discipline and zeal for it. These good habits then tend to become the reason behind your success.


Developing good habits are essential to move forward in life and make a name. These are the most valuable assets that a man can have in their life. Your materialistic possessions may not stay with you forever, but these are eternal. The things that you earn through hard work and discipline tend to say with you forever.

So this was my attempt at a “good habit essay.” there is always a lot more to write about good habits but I hope this is enough for now.


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