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How To Start An Informative Essay? – A Complete Guide

by Akram

Before I explain how to start an informative essay, let me share what exactly it is. The reason behind writing informative essays is to educate your readers. Usually, they have any of the following functions; defining terminologies, analyzing data, comparing something, comprehending a concept, explaining how to do something, etc. 

An informative essay by no means intended to persuade your reader. Typical examples of an informative article are: 

  • Define Force
  • Global Recovery Rate of COVID-19.
  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • How to invest in the stock market?
  • How Blockchain Technology Works?

Now that you understand what an informative essay is let me share how to start an informative essay.

How To Start An Informative Essay?

For writing an informative essay, you need to start with an interesting introduction. Secondly, you have to explain the main topic in the body that typically contains three to four paragraphs. Last, you need to end the essay with your opinion on the topic and highlight the key points of the essay. 

In a nutshell, an informative essay consists of three parts; introduction, body, and conclusion. I have explained every part comprehensively in this article. Read thoroughly to understand how to write an insightful and interactive informative essay. 

Writing The Introduction Of An Informative Essay

Introduction of an Informative EssayHow to write an essay with a strong and complete Introduction? Many people are not sure how to write a complete introduction. So, let me share how to start an informative essay with a proper introduction. Ensure that when you write an introduction, it includes these three elements: 

  • The Lead: It helps you to catch the reader’s attention. 
  • The Bridge: It connects the reader to the topic of the essay. 
  • The Thesis Statement: It describes the opinion of the author on the topic.

Whenever you start an introduction for an informative essay, make sure that you mention these three topics. You can also elaborate a quick overview of the topic by highlighting the key points in the introduction part. After completing the introduction, you need to go deeper into the subject in the body section. 

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Writing The Body Of An Informative Essay

Body of an Informative EssayFor writing the body or the main topic of the essay, you need to gather valuable data from different authentic resources. There are many ways to find relevant and useful information on any topic. You can use books, magazines, research papers, and journals if you can find relevant resources. Since they are the most authentic source of information, they will provide you with insights into various aspects of the topic. 

However, if you don’t have access to these resources, you can take help from online resources. That means you can read blogs, online research papers, discussion forums, journal publishing portals, etc. Apart from that, you can watch videos from different video streaming apps. YouTube is a great platform for learning about any topic. 

Remember, when you research on any topic, ensure that the source of information is authentic and legitimate. Don’t follow websites or videos that don’t have enough authority or credibility. After you research the topic, prepare a layout of the whole body. That means you need to highlight the points which you think are important to mention. 

Writing The Conclusion Of An Informative Essay

Once you cover all the important factors of the topic, you need to end the essay with a conclusion. The intention behind summarizing or concluding an essay is to encourage the reader to know more about the topic. So, here is how to conclude an informative essay:

  • Restate the objective of the essay that you have promised the reader in the introduction. 
  • If the topic is complex and long, highlight the key points which you have mentioned in the article to make it more clear and precise. 
  • End your conclusion with a statement that will leave your readers to think about the topic and encourage them to know more about it. 

Now that you understand how to start an informative essay and what are the essential elements of an essay, here are some frequently asked questions to improve your understanding. 

FAQs On Informative Essay Writing

FAQs on Informative Essay WritingHere are some frequently asked questions by users about informative essay writing. Go through the questions thoroughly; it will improve your understanding of how to write an informative essay. 

How Do You Structure An Informative Essay?

The structure of an informative essay is similar to most of the essays. It comprises an introduction, three to four supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. However, you can use a longer format by giving personal opinions or concluding every explanation if there is a complicated topic. 

How Do You Write An Informative Essay Introduction? 

While writing an informative essay, it’s crucial that you write attention dragging introduction. Since informative essays are usually long, you need to make the reader feel interested with a strong opening sentence. It helps the reader to keep reading and gives them a better reading experience. 

How Do You Gather Information On An Essay?

For gathering information for an informative essay, you need to do proper research. You can read books, blogs, journals to get some facts about the topic. You can also watch videos, interviews, and seminars on the topic of the essay. 

Take help from your mentor or discuss with an expert who has knowledge about the topic. You can also ask questions about the topic in different online discussion forums where people share their insights. 

How Many Paragraphs Should An Informative Essay Have?

Usually, you can write three to four paragraphs apart from the introduction and conclusion. For long-format essays, you can increase the number of paragraphs based on the complexity of the topic. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the guide has helped you to understand how to start an informative essay. As I mentioned above, you need to write an introduction, body, and conclusion, ensure that you follow diligently. By the way, don’t forget to share which topic you are going to write an informative essay on in the comments section.

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