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How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay – A Step By Step Guide

by Mashum Mollah

Learning how to write a conclusion for an essay does not have to be as difficult as conquering Everest. When it comes to drafting an essay conclusion, there is a lot on the line. Because this is your last chance to persuade your readers to agree with you, this might help you wow them by demonstrating that you are a skilled writer and quick thinker.

The impression you leave with readers after they complete the essay will be shaped by the impression you leave with them in conclusion. It is entirely feasible to connect the dots while also contemplating the larger issues and consequences of your argument. All you need is the proper plan.

What Is An Essay?

What Is An Essay?

The term “essay” comes from the Latin word “exagium,” which literally means “to state one’s case.” Merriam Webster’s Learners Dictionary defines an essay as “a brief piece of writing that expresses a person’s ideas or opinions about a subject.” We will be required to write essays on many occasions during our lives. 

Essays account for a significant portion of a student’s overall grade in a course. Other times, we’re required to write essays for scholarship applications or competitions. Because essays account for so much of your final score in a course, you must begin to treat them as such. These are very important aspects to remember before learning how to write a conclusion for an essay.

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Importance Of Conclusion In An Essay

Importance Of Conclusion In An Essay

If you’re writing an essay, you must provide a conclusion. If you don’t plan on writing a conclusion, don’t bother with essays at all. It’s that critical. There must be an introduction, a body, and a conclusion in every essay. If you’re writing an essay, you’ll need to come up with a way to end it. Don’t bother with essays if you don’t intend to write a conclusion. It’s that important. Every essay must include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. 

In your essay, it is critical to have a strong conclusion. This is because the professor may be too preoccupied to read through the complete essay. On such an occasion, they would examine your conclusion and assign you the grade that corresponds to the quality of your conclusion. If you forget, remember that the conclusion of an essay is an important part of your work.

Tips On How To Write A Conclusion For An Essay

1. Restate Your Thesis

Begin by restating your thesis statement in a different way than you did in the beginning. When writing an essay conclusion, one of the most crucial tasks you must do is to repeat your argument in a straightforward and obvious manner. Your thesis is the claim you make in your introduction that you want to establish. If your reader doesn’t grasp your thesis, it’s quite likely that he won’t notice how you demonstrated it. 

You’d have squandered your time and energy. Consider a few measures to avoid such a negative situation that might result in depressing outcomes or scores. In your conclusion paragraph, it is critical that you use basic, succinct, and clear language to explain your argument once again. This is a very important strategy for learning how to write a conclusion for an essay. 

2. Summarize The Prime Points

Summarize The Prime Points

Another vital task to complete while writing your conclusion paragraph is to summarise all of the relevant elements. All of the points you made in the body of the essay. As a result, summarising your ideas in your conclusion comes in handy in these situations. Techniques exist for summarising your arguments. The most effective strategy is to order your points from strongest to weakest. This means you take the main concept from each paragraph in the body and weigh its relevance. 

This enhances your chances of making a favorable impression on a reader. If you start with poor arguments, the reader may become bored and pass judgment on your essay. This occurs as a result of weak arguments that people encounter first without reading deeper. As a result, presenting the most important things first keeps the reader’s attention and interest.

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3. Do Not Involve New Ideas

The introduction of a new argument or concept is one aspect that might derail a smooth conclusion to an essay. In your conclusion, never make a new point. The body section should address any and all points that you plan to cover in connection to the core topic matter. The term “conclusions” refers to the process of summarising or concluding a piece of writing. 

You should not include fresh ideas in your conclusion since this would contradict the goal of the section. Because your conclusion is meant to be as brief as possible, adding new points will force you to describe them in detail, lengthening your conclusion. If you do not follow this, you wouldn’t be able to understand how to write a conclusion for an essay. 

4. Make It Catchy

Make It Catchy

It’s possible that your reader has been skimming through your essay and is getting bored. The best way to begin an essay conclusion is to make it interesting. This can be accomplished by presenting an intriguing rhetorical question, referencing a renowned expert in the area of the subject you’re writing about, or demonstrating the repercussions of your argument is refuted. 

Make every effort to ensure that it is engaging enough to capture and hold the reader’s attention and that it leaves a positive impression long after they have finished reading the essay. But whatever you do, don’t contradict your primary point. 

5. Connect With The Introduction

Make every attempt to keep the reader’s attention and leave a favorable impression even after they’ve done reading the essay. But whatever you do, don’t make a point that contradicts your main thesis. 

The beginning and the conclusion must be inextricably linked. There should be no loose ends. Make sure you’ve answered the question you said you’d address in the introduction. Ensure that whatever structure, approach, or aim you stated at the beginning has been accomplished.

Final Thoughts

Always remember to create a conclusion at the end of your essay. It is critical to your essay’s overall success. Your introduction serves as a bridge connecting readers from their everyday lives to the space of your argument. Whereas your conclusion should assist readers in returning to their daily lives. I hope this post will teach you a lot about how to write a conclusion for an essay.

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